FAQ — PayBev

Who is eligible for supplier marketing support?

Suppliers make the decisions of where they want to promote their brands. Work with your supplier contacts to generate interest or let us make the connection.


How is the amount of marketing support determined?

Suppliers who volunteer branded support will have an amount in mind depending on the program components and consumer engagement opportunities.  PayBev’s experience also helps these Suppliers come to good decisions.


Is marketing support guaranteed?

All beverage support is voluntary and carries no guarantees.


How quickly can I start programming activations?

Investing suppliers generally provide funds to PayBev within 60 days but start developing program components with you immediately.


How can I use these voluntary Supplier funds?

In general, since the voluntary funds are not yours, the suppliers will program and schedule the spend of these dollars with you.  Depending on the state, these dollars can be used for brand mentions on menus, brand promotions, brand activations through special events and branded staff training and education.



How do I have third party activation vendors submit invoices and how quick will they be paid?

Vendors can submit invoices to your organization (as they currently do). The PayBev account holder will then submit them online through our secure application. Approved invoices are typically paid within 5 business days. Rush delivery is available for an additional fee.


How much does PayBev cost?

On the Basic Client Program, PayBev costs nothing beyond the processing fee paid by the investing Suppliers.  See the PayBev Pricing Plan for more information.


Why should my Suppliers and I use PayBev’s consulting hours?

Beverage Alcohol Trade Practice laws are different in every State and PayBev will guide you and the investing suppliers in permissibility.